Trauma Cleanup

Cleaning up following a trauma scene or crime is overwhelming in all aspects. It takes great attention to detail and careful handling of materials as they are often dangerous and infectious. You shouldn’t have to worry about handling the cleanup of a trauma scene when you are in the midst of a shocking and emotional situation. Rely on our team at Rainbow International Restoration of Oxford to be there in your time of need. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our trauma clean up team safely removes and disposes of hazardous materials in a discreet manner. We want to help make the situation easier on you by taking care of the trauma cleanup.  You can focus on your needs at hand and family matters while we focus on cleaning up.

trauma cleanup

Handling Hazardous Materials 

When cleaning up a trauma scene, there are often hazardous materials that need to be handled very carefully. The cleanup should be left to professionals to ensure it is cleaned up and disposed of properly and safely. There are many regulations and procedures to be followed for the disposal of hazardous materials.

Our team must get the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Certification for decontaminating and disposing of biohazards. This certification ensures that those handling a biohazard scene disinfect affected areas, dispose of biohazard waste, and clean/decontaminate equipment from cleaning up – all in a proper manner to protect your property, your belongings, you and your family members and friends.

Experienced Trauma Cleanup Team

Our team at Rainbow International Restoration of Oxford is experienced in cleaning up a trauma scene and dealing with biohazards. We know that working on a trauma scene is different than other jobs we get. All involved in the trauma situation may have feelings of shock, fear, and worry. With all of that, you don’t need to add cleaning up to what you are already dealing with. Rely on us to cleanup after a trauma situation.

Our team has ample experience in cleaning up a range of hazardous scenes such as: drug houses, vandalism, homicide, suicide, and hoarding situations. No matter how big or small, we are prepared with the right equipment and proper experience to handle crime scenes and traumatic events. Rainbow International Restoration of Oxford’s certified trauma cleanup experts are devoted to assisting you with compassion and attention to detail while doing so properly according to requirements. 

Contact us today for assistance with trauma and biohazard cleanup. 

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