Cleaning Water Damage Like A Pro: Four Hints That You Might Have A Problem

water damage cleanup waterbury, water damage waterbury, water damage repair waterburyWater damage doesn’t just develop into a major problem overnight. In fact, serious water damage problems are almost always the result of weeks or even months of leaking or forgotten pockets of moisture. This is both good news and bad news. The good news is that it takes time for a water damage problem to develop so you won’t be caught off guard if you stay on your toes. The bad news is that water damage problems are often hidden and can be difficult to detect. To help you prevent minor water damage issues from developing into major ones, here are four tips from our water damage restoration experts at Rainbow International of Oxford in Waterbury.

Water Damage Cleanup In Waterbury 

Minor Health Problems For No Apparent Reason

We’ve all experienced this for one reason or another. Sometimes your throat might keep getting sore with no explanation. Or, your eyes and skin might be perpetually itchy and irritable. Such symptoms are often written off as allergies. However, it is possible that they could be caused by exposure to mold. Thus, if you keep noticing recurring, minor health problems in your or your family you should look into mold as a possible cause

Unexplained Spikes In Your Water Usage

Your water meter and monthly water bill are allies in your efforts to prevent water damage and cleanup costs in your home. You can use them to your advantage by checking them regularly and looking for any anomalies. If your water usage or water bill is unusually high, it may be an indication that there is a leak somewhere in your home. If you notice such an anomaly, first look for any other possible explanations for the increase, then look into a potential leak inside or outside your home. 

A Musty Odor

The musty odor that emanates from mold, is another indication that you may have a water damage problem in your home. Since mold requires moisture since it grows, it is actually very likely that water damage cleanup will accompany the musty odor. If you notice a musty smell in your home, take action right away since the mold problem must be fairly severe if you are able to smell it. 

High Humidity Levels In Parts Of Your Home

This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. High humidity levels in your home means that your home is more likely to have moisture problems and water damage. While this isn’t necessarily bad on its own, it does mean that you should be extra cautious concerning water damage cleanup prevention.

As you stay on your guard and keep looking out for these signs, you will be well fortified against many of the most common water damage problems that homeowners face. However, no plan is foolproof and sometimes water damage is unavoidable. If that is the unfortunate case for you and you have water damage and cleanup  in your home, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call at Rainbow International of Oxford in Waterbury or help.  

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