Eight Simple Water Damage Prevention And Restoration Tips

water damage restoration torrington, water damage torrington, water damage repair torringtonHere’s the thing. Water damage, in the vast majority of cases, is entirely preventable. What’s more, most of the things you can do to prevent water damage are straightforward, affordable, and don’t take much time. Most of the battle is simply knowing what to do and then putting forth the effort to do it. From our water damage restoration experts at Rainbow International of Oxford in Torrington, here are eight of these simple water damage restoration tips. 

Water Damage Restoration In Torrington

Clean Your Gutters And Downspouts

Your gutters and downspouts are designed to filter water away from the base of your home to prevent flooding. Let them do their job! By cleaning gunk and leaves out from your rain gutters every few months they will be able to continue doing this effectively. 

Inspect Your Appliances

Many appliances in your home require a significant amount of water to run. Even a small leak or malfunction in any one of them can lead to considerable flooding. Make sure you inspect your appliances regularly so you can detect any potential problems before they lead to major water damage issues for you. 

Inspect Your Roof Regularly

Your roof is one of your first lines of defense against water damage. Roofs don’t last forever either so make sure you inspect your roof regularly and make repairs and updates as needed. 

Monitor Your Water Bill Closely

Look for any discrepancies in your water bill. If it is unusually high for one month with no apparent explanation, the odds are good that you have an undetected leak somewhere in your home. 

Grade Your Yard Properly

Yards should be designed so that they slope away from your home. Otherwise, rainwater will flow towards your home and lead to eventual flooding. If your yard isn’t graded like this for some reason, you should have this fixed by a landscaper in your area. 

Monitor Moisture Levels In Your Home

A great preventive measure to take is to install a moisture meter in your home that can regularly take the moisture level of areas prone to water leaks. If the moisture levels in your home rise to concerning levels, you will be alerted of this so you can take action before any serious problems occur. 

Fix Leaks Immediately

Don’t allow leaks to go on any longer than they need to. As soon as you notice any leaks in your home, no matter how small, you should have them repaired immediately. 

Clear Clogs With A Drain Snake

A very easy way to break your pipes is to use liquid drain cleaners like Drain-O to clear any clogged drains or pipes. The chemicals found in those drain cleaners can eat away at the PVC and metal causing leaks and cracks. Sounds simple, but opt for a drain snake for your next clog. Your pipes will thank you!

While following the tips above should help you prevent water damage restoration in almost all cases, freak accidents and mistakes do happen. So, if your home does ever flood, don’t hesitate to give us a call at Rainbow International of Oxford in Torrington for help.

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