Easy Ways To Prevent Water Damage in Torrington

Water damage is a serious problem that can lead to a major mess. Fortunately, it is usually preventable. Thus, to help you avoid such a major mess in your home, below are five simple tips for preventing water damage. Our water damage experts at Rainbow International Restoration of Oxford in Torrington recommend these tips as they are among the simplest and most effective ways to keep your home water damage free.

water damage ceiling

Check Your Water Bill

Your water bill is an effective means of finding leaks in your home that are otherwise hard to detect. They way to do this is by comparing your current water bill to past water bills. If your current water bill is significantly higher for no apparent reason, then it is likely that there is a leak somewhere inside your home. Upon noticing such a discrepancy in your water bill, you should immediately take steps to locate the source of the potential leak and stop the leaking right away.

Clean Your Rain Gutters

Your rain gutters are extremely helpful in preventing water damage. However, it doesn’t take much for them to be rendered ineffective. This usually occurs when your rain gutters become clogged full of dirt and other debris. As a result of being clogged, they are unable to filter rainwater away from the foundation of your home. Instead, the water overflows out of your rain gutters and pools near the foundation of your making the perfect recipe for a flood.

Install Window Well Covers

It takes less than $100 and 15 minutes to buy window well covers and install them around your home. Despite being so simple to use, they are incredibly effective tools in water damage prevention. Window wells are an area of your home incredibly vulnerable to water damage. As water pools in them, it doesn’t take long for that water to leak through any weak spots into your basement. Thus, window well covers can be used to keep this from happening. The fix is as quick as it is simple.

Install Water Detection Devices

Water detection devices are like fire alarms but for flooding. You should install them near the ground in a few of the rooms of your home most vulnerable to flooding (bathroom, basement, kitchen, etc.). When moisture levels rise above a certain point, they will sound an alarm notifying you that the room is being flooded. You can even install some water detection device models that link up with your phone. Thus, even if you are away, you can still be made aware of a flood.

Inspect Your Pipes Regularly

Burst or leaking pipes are often the sources of more dramatic levels of water damage. This is because a large amount of water can be expelled from a broken pipe in a very short time. By inspecting your pipes regularly to look for any possible damage or wear, you’ll be able to prevent water damage of this type from occurring.

We at Rainbow International Restoration of Oxford in Torrington hope you find these tips helpful for keeping your home free of water damage. Nonetheless, don’t ever hesitate to give us a call for help with water damage restoration process if you do find your home flooded.

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